What’s on Your Mind?

This has been a brutal semester – makes me relish the possibility of retirement even more than before. But, it’s left little time for blogging. Though I’ve started several posts in the past few months, they remain unfinished and will stay that way until the summer, I’m afraid.

So, as I finish out this academic year, I’m inviting all my retired and thinking-about-retirement friends to share their experiences. What keeps you working? How are you making plans? What has been the best/worst thing about retirement? What did you not anticipate? What are your concerns? And if, like me, you are a historian, how does your outlook on past and present shape your thoughts about retirement?

Please comment – I’d really enjoy a conversation about where I’m going and how to get there.


2 thoughts on “What’s on Your Mind?

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed my retirement. I think the secret is to find a place you love, make friends there as quickly as possible, and have a plan for what you’d like to “do,” should you decide you must do something. I was fortunate to know where I wanted to be and to have established a handful of friendships there before I made the move. And I’d already decided on a couple writing projects. Honestly, though, I’ve concentrated more on making friends and exploring the island than I have on writing. And that’s okay–that’s the very best thing about retirement. I do what I want when I want, and if I want to read a novel and visit with friends, that’s what I do.

  2. Thanks, Jan. Your approach to retirement is always reassuring! I think the prospect of “downsizing” the friendship network — at least the immediate network of friends who are close by — is one of thoughts producing retirement-angst. I will try to take your advice and begin to work on a new network during my visits to LI in the next few years. But I must say, nothing I’ve seen so far on Long island compares to the photos you’ve shared of your Maine island.

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