Retirement, 5-Year-Old Style

Where to live after retirement?  I have been talking with my daughter about moving closer to her, away from Blacksburg with an apartment attached to her house or a small home nearby. There are many things to consider, including tax issues, all explained in an interesting article by Jane Bryant Quinn in the September, 2012 AARP Bulletin. (“When Parents Move in with Kids,” )

But, five-year-old Jacob finds this prospect of living with Grandma quite fascinating and, much like his grandmother, he has been cogitating on the meaning of “retirement.”   Yesterday, in response to his father’s demand that he complete his chores, Jacob announced, with the drama only a 5-year-old can muster,  “I need to retire.  Tomorrow I’m retiring so I don’t have to work.”  He’s got the hang of it!  Though he has missed a crucial part — not doing the chores/retirement also means not collecting the allowance!